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Latin American Flavor Restaurant and Bar

We aren’t just a Mexican restaurant in Baltimore, we are THE Mexican restaurant in Baltimore. We have the best Honduran and Mexican food you will find anywhere even remotely close to our location, and you can get it all for a price your wallet won’t need to see a therapist about. We are also one of the fan favorite food spots in the city. You will definitely be glad you came down here!

At Latin American Flavor Restaurant and Bar, we know that when you run a restaurant, you need to quite literally put your money where your mouth is. Or, probably more accurately, where your customer’s mouths are. We claim to have the best food, but that claim needs to actually hold up when you come eat here. Well, if you ask anybody that has eaten at Latin American Flavor Restaurant and Bar what they think of our food, they will pretty much all tell you the same thing; that Latin American Flavor Restaurant and Bar is not just the best Mexican food they have had, but the best food they have eaten all week. Period. We can go on and on about our food, but you really should just come down here and see for yourself how tasty this stuff is. You absolutely will not be disappointed.

So if you are looking for a great Mexican restaurant to make your tummy full and smiling, come down to Latin American Flavor Restaurant and Bar and have the best food you will eat today!


Reach Us Today

Phone: (410) 276-2600



Monday- Thursday 8am to 11pm

Friday -Sunday 8am - 12am. 

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